BRAHMA KUMARIS ANTONYAnthony is an Italian-Australian living in Athens, Greece. He is a writer, teacher and traveler. He is a member of the Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University, an NGO based In Rajasthan, India. He directs their meditation centers throughout Greece and Hungary and their activities in Cyprus, Bulgaria. He has practiced Raja Yoga meditation for the past 35 years and has travelled to over 40 countries to conduct seminars and retreats.

A traveler, a speaker & a writer.

His latest books included "Slaying the Three Dragons: Fear, Worry and Doubt" & "Seeking Silence & quot;.

CDs included ’Time for Healng”, “The 8 principles of Spiritual Living”, “Creating a Hero’, “Just-a minute".

He, together with a group of young Greek people, have created on-line meditation courses for use across Greece. This same group, as part of the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, has created The Green Angel Initiative as a way to awaken respectful awareness towards Nature. They are also setting up a blog to coordinate various activities concerning the original spirit of the Olympian, Pythian, Isthmian, Nemean Games in Greece. Their aim is to bring out the Games' modern relevance to Greece particularly in terms of values.

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