ishanAcharya Ishan Shivanand, son and disciple of the Siddha Master, Avdhoot Baba Shivanand,  is a young Spiritual Master who received intensive spiritual training and guidance from His Master.  Ishan ji today stands as a youth icon in the spiritual world, following the footsteps of His Master to match up with the spiritual disciplines and mission of His Guru and Father and reach them out to the world.  Acharya Ishan Shivanand ji, with the grace of Babaji,  embraced the Siddha Path at a very young age and has worked his way up in various fields, receiving practical training to develop a strong foundation and intrinsic knowledge in the paths of Meditation, Yoga, Vedic Traditions, Quantum Physics, Past Life Therapy, Crystal Healing & various other New Age Healing modalities. Ishanji also holds an in-depth knowledge of Human Psychology with parallel training in Indian Martial Arts - known as Kalari, that initiated first from ancient Kerala. Today, the young generation moves inspired and motivated by the great zeal and intensity with which the young Spiritual  Master continues to support the Foundation and it’s missions.

Acharya Ishan ji enthralls his audience in every workshop with his sense of humor, creating a beautiful blend of the Eastern and Western culture and presenting it to all seekers of the Siddha Path. Ishanji has been conducting regular Prati Prasav (Past Life Therapy) workshops in the past under the guidance and grace of Babaji.  Now, with the grace and love of Babaji, Ishan ji takes a gigantic step to present the rare but powerful ancient healing methods practiced by ancient Yogis living in the mountains and the wilderness of forests and reaching them to the masses the initiation of the sacred Siddha and Shambhavi Meditation & Healing deeksha.

A Spiritual and Holistic Healing Master & Speaker

Ishan Shivanand ji is one of the leading teachers of the ancient healing wisdom of Shiv Yog which entails among other salutary mechanisms, exercises to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. The bedrock of Shiv Yog are its esoteric and extremely beneficial array of meditations, which enable an individual to activate the vast potential immanent in him, albeit, in a dormant state since birth. The role of healing maven Ishan is to awaken this seed of infinite hidden potential through spiritual initiation, using his own divine powers which when dispensed, result in the activation of DNA, healing of the bodily ailments, resurrection of topsy-turvy relationships, rectification of abysmal financial conditions and achievement of every worldly accomplishment ushered by an enhancement of the visualization and materialization powers.



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